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Saturday 28 March 2020

Online Gamer Free Game For limited time only - Download Now

We have been juggling our life with work and family. There is always no time for games. Lock down isn't a bad things overall other than corona is still there. Looking at the bright side. Companies like Sony and Epicenter are giving some popular Free games.

Gamer lover or person would want to explore Games, now is the time that you can do it for Free. 


EPIGAMES is a PC Games. A well-known games usually cost $20-60. EPIGAMES is now giving Free game for World War Z (usual price $29.90) and Frontnite till 2 Apr 2020. There is other free games too like Figment, Draw 2, Gone Home, Tormentor x Punishment and Hob.

How to Start?
1. Create your account here.
2. Click on the game and Purchase for the Free game.
3. Woila! Done.
4. Click on the "Get Epic Game" on the top right.
5. You will be directed to download the Games Launcher.
6. You can see all your purchased game in Library.
7. Manage (Install and uninstall) your game from there.


Playstation Games is owned by Sony. You need to buy the console in order to play. You can play Playstation game at your PSP, PS4 and PS VR.
They are now offer Free Monster Hunter: World, Sonic Forces and Shadow of the Colossus for Free till 21Apr 2020 if you are PlayStation Plus Member.

Monster Hunter World usual price is $42.60.
Sonic Forces usual price is $58.70.
Shadow of the Colossus is $34.90.

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