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Monday 2 August 2021

Coffee Bean $10 for 2 sets

A new week is about to begin! Start it on a wholesome note with a breakfast sandwich of 9-grains toast layered with Omelette, Cheddar Cheese and Hollandaise sauce. Pair that as a set with an 8oz Spanish Latte at $8.90, or double up for 2 sets at just $10 when you get it in-store!

Available from Monday to Friday till 2pm, while stocks last. 

p.s. Our Weekdays Breakfast set begins from 12 midnight at our 24 hour stores! Visit to locate your nearest 24 hour Coffee Bean store.

- Promotion is available from Mon to Fri till 2pm, while stocks last
- Not applicable on the eve of or on Public Holiday
- Prices differ on delivery platforms


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