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Thursday, 16 April 2020

Top 5 Korean Romantic Drama Series you should watch in Netflix

You must have working hard all these while and missed all the fantastic Drama. Now is time to catch up. Korean story are really fantasy and it will definitely give fun time to laugh out loud! 
Watching Romantic drama also remind us of Love. If you want to be in with fashion, yes korean drama give you sense of fashion. Their clothes are really cool! 

Top 1 - Crash on Landing

Starring: Hyun Bin, Soo Ye-Jin
Year: 2019
This is one of the top hits Korean Drama in year 2020. On a fierce wind during paragliding, Se-Ri was being flung to North Korean. Jeong-Hyeok was one of the army from North Korean on duty that day found Se-Ri hanging on the tree. 
This drama is a but lengthy and a bit boring at the start. You will start enjoy and attracted to the story line after few episodes.

Top 2 - Descendent of the Sun

Starring: Song Hye-Kyo , Song Joong Ki
Year: 2016
This drama is hits during the year of 2016-2017. After this drama, the two Song-Song get married and also divorced after 2 years. 
This drama is a must watch drama as it is so hilarious and exciting throughout the drama. It is a romance between Special Force army and Doctor. The romance started when they were coincidently sent to war-torn country Urk to serve their country.

Top 3 Legend of the Blue Sea

Starring: Jun Ji-Hyun, Lee Min-Ho
Year: 2016
This is a non-fiction drama about mermaid. Jun Ji-Hyun is the mermaid where she came to land and meet her love Lee Min-Ho which they was a couple in their past life too. They have go through thick and thin as they are from different world to be together.

Jun Ji-Hyun are well known of her comedian in drama. Definitely a good laugh romantic film. I always love to watch Jun Ji-Hyun and started to know her from the movie "My Sassy Girl".

Top 4 Goblin - Guardian - of the Lonely and Great God

Starring: Gong Yong, Lee Dong-Wook, Kim Go-Eun
Year: 2016
This is another Non-fiction drama that they were sin in the past life and have to pay in their next life or been assign job by the God to clear their sin. While Goblin who acted by Gong Yong is punished to have immortal life but remember all the pain. The pain can only be saved by Goblin bride acted by Kim Go-Eun. These is a very interesting story ghost, Grim reaper and god drama.

Gong Yong is so funny with Lee Dong-Wook in this drama and i love the OST things song so much.

Top 5 What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Starring: Park Seo-Jun, Park Min-Young, Lee Tae-Hwan
Year: 2018

Among all the romantic drama above, this is the most common and near to real life story. Park Seo-Jun acted as Vice President of family owned company and he is so narcissistic. He has a very competent Secretary that worked for him for 9 years. One day, she want to resign as she has pay off all her debt and wanted to have her own life rather than a 24/7 on call secretary.

That's where the story start " What's wrong with Secretary Kim?". Why she want to resign? The boss trying to retain her and eventually fall in love with her. The hilarious part is his narcissistic. 

The downside of watching Korean drama in Korean language is you have to keep starring at the screen to read the subtitle. If not, you will have to keep repeat. 

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