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Friday, 25 October 2019

Google Home Mini buy 1 get 1 Free

Google Home Mini. The most popular device that you can connect to devices and control them using your voice.Is Buy 1 Free 1 now!!

What is this exactly? 

Google Home Mini has the Google Assistant built in.
You can ask questions. Tell it to do things like play music, write and send message/email. It's never been easier
to get hands-free help in any room. If you are going to build a smart home, yes google mini is the one you need. For a smart home, you need at least 2 google mini. One at the living room and one at the your master room. Each room you need one.Therefore, 1 for 1 is not many. It actually sufficient for a start. You may need more of it if you have more room to be a smart room.

Tackle your day
Set alarms, add items to your shopping list, learn about your commute, and more.

Voice control your home
Conveniently command compatible smart lights and more.

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